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2021: Do We Dare Offer Some Predictions?

Last year, when we put together our predictions for 2020, we missed one very important, game-changing element: COVID-19. And today, while still in the midst of the pandemic that has turned the world on end, we once again engage our collective brainpower to foretell what the coming months will bring.

We see light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel — driven by a clean energy-friendly administration in the U.S., a much-anticipated COVID vaccine, a renewed commitment to reducing carbon emissions and a strong focus on keeping the lights on, no matter what.

In our newest piece of thought leadership, Enbala CEO Bud Vos writes about the future of clean energy and distributed energy resources — 2021 style. The piece focuses on how carbon reduction goals — along with interrelated factors associated with pandemic recovery, shifting energy customer priorities, changing regulatory and policy dynamics, and technology innovation — will drive seven important developments.

  1. Greater EV adoption
  2. Growth of solar
  3. A move from C&I demand response (DR) to residential distributed energy resources (DERs)
  4. An increase in DER and clean energy technology spending
  5. Growing reliance on flexibility
  6. Removal of DER regulatory and policy barriers
  7. A strong need for distributed energy control

We invite you to read the full white paper and to share it with your colleagues.

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