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Concerto Optimize

Maximize the power of your distributed energy resources (DERs) with our distributed energy management system (DERMS).

Build a smarter, faster and more valuable grid.

Control and optimize an unlimited variety and number of DERs with speed and accuracy, then leverage them as flexible energy assets at all levels of the power-delivery system, from end-customers to grid operators and everyone in between. It’s a new level of speed and accuracy, made possible by the Concerto engine.

Roll with (and ahead of) the punches to maintain reliability.

From advanced demand response to energy market dynamic dispatch to highly complex distribution optimization, Concerto is a one-stop-shop for distributed energy orchestration and control. Concerto’s machine learning forecasts available capacity in real-time and uses a distributed bidding system to optimize the network and solve grid problems while accounting for the costs and constraints of each and every asset on your grid.

Leverage any asset, any time.

With a multi-vendor, mixed-asset ecosystem that can support multiple grid services, you can extract the greatest value from your energy resources. And Concerto’s software architecture enables dispatch and control to happen in an instant.

Adapt at scale.

Asset-agnostic software means you’re as flexible as your grid. From utility-scale renewables to commercial and industrial process loads and in-home devices like EV and smart thermostats, Concerto’s open API can connect, aggregate and control the load flexibility of unlimited grid-edge assets. It’s easy to onboard new technologies, as well as to tailor the system to specific value propositions and geographies.

Whether you have hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of assets, Concerto gives you the power to control and optimize with speed and accuracy.

All of the power, none of the compromise.

Concerto is surrounded by a complete, unified API for integration with asset, market, utility and other third-party systems. Highly interoperable, the platform complies with a wide range of industry protocols and standards to enable low cost and rapid interfacing. Concerto supports (or is developing support for) major industry protocols and standards including BACnet, Modbus, OpenADR 2.0b, CTA-2045, DNP3.0, ICCP, IEEE 2030.5, IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-101/104.

Concerto has also integrated with several different grid systems and wholesale markets through web service interfaces, as well as SOAP protocol-based interfaces.

Unlock the Power of the Grid.

Together, we can bring more sustainable energy to more people.