GGS and SGS collaborate for most comprehensive DERMS offering more

Get more
out of the grid.

Generac Grid Services combines our powerful DER orchestration platform, Concerto™, an expansive ecosystem of Generac and partner devices and expert support to ensure you maximize the power of distributed energy resources.


Balance energy supply and demand.

From handling daily peaks to extreme weather, demand response lets you stay one step ahead by growing, managing and optimizing your fleet of distributed energy resources (DERs) to keep your customers’ lights on.

Co-op & Municipal Programs
Build better programs for your members, your community and your grid.


Unlock energy market value.

Everything you need to claim your position in the evolving energy world. Streamline trading portfolios in new markets, integrate with market trading desks and take advantage of an asset-centric market interface and optimized dispatch to monetize flexible energy.


Optimize distribution for the grid of today—and tomorrow.

Embrace a new level of control. Work faster and more accurately at scale to operate an efficient, reliable and resilient grid with our DERMS platform, Concerto.


Keep the lights on, no matter what.

Be ready for anything—no matter what gets thrown your way. Build a grid that can withstand wildfires, storms and extreme temperatures with Generac and partner commercial, industrial and residential generators and batteries.

Software, hardware and services,
tailored to you.

From simple demand response and capacity dispatch to advanced power flow, frequency and Volt/VAR response and other ancillary services, our DER management system (DERMS), hardware and services are designed to support your grid needs of today and be there for you as you grow. Our experts will help design and onboard a program that fits your needs and stand by with 24/7 support.

Whether you need a distribution or transmission system, localized or grid-wide control, Generac Grid Services solutions have been proven in the world’s most complex markets.


Built for everyone on the grid.

Energy providers
Support new programs like vehicle electrification and new customer segments.
Energy retailers
Build a more competitive portfolio to meet the needs of a fast-evolving market.
Energy consumers
Open new revenue streams and savings without impacting day-to-day operations.
Co-ops and municipalities
Benefit your members and your grid.

Unlock the Power of the Grid.

Together, we can bring more sustainable energy to more people.