GGS and SGS collaborate for most comprehensive DERMS offering more

Solutions for

Energy retailers

Design a more competitive portfolio by tapping into the distributed energy marketplace via our Concerto™distributed energy resource (DER) orchestration platform and end-to-end services.

Harness the power of distributed energy.

Staying relevant in a competitive market requires being part of the distributed energy marketplace. Concerto allows you to pull the capacity you need the moment you need it.

Co-optimize assets.

Double the optimization, double the impact. Concerto simultaneously optimizes for the behavior of both energy consumers and the market so you can run a more efficient and profitable operation.

Orchestrate mixed-asset systems.

Relying on single assets is a thing of the past. Our platform allows you to orchestrate mixed-asset systems so you can keep up in a dynamic marketplace.


Balancing supply and demand

Have more control over how power is used, not just how it’s created.

Get end-to-end support from Generac Grid Services

Program design

Build the purchase and delivery model that’s right for you.


Get the word out to potential participants.

Customer acquisition

Identify and recruit customers.

Asset installation and configuration

Get devices installed, validated and connected to your grid.

Program management

Activate and control the devices in your VPP.

Measurement and verification

Track settlements and compliance reporting.

End-customer support

Manage customer needs, from call centers to maintenance.

Incentive disbursement

Reward customers who provide grid services.

Expand your DER fleet.

Take advantage of your existing install base and grow the number of customer-owned DERs in your virtual power plants (VPPs). We support bring your own device (BYOD) programs, while our extensive roster of Generac- and partner-connected devices lets customers opt into your programs on their own terms.

Pursue targeted goals with bundled solutions.

Have a specific objective in mind? Our bundled software, services and hardware packages are ready to spring into action. Solutions include demand response programs for smart thermostats, water heaters, solar and storage, home, commercial and industrial batteries and generators and more.

Unlock the Power of the Grid.

Together, we can bring more sustainable energy to more people.