GGS and SGS collaborate for most comprehensive DERMS offering more


Balance supply and demand in real time with powerful distributed energy resource orchestration software. The Concerto platform helps you bring megawatts online, optimize grid assets and visualize data.

Powerful technology for a more powerful grid.

Sitting between a utility’s grid management systems and distributed energy resources (DERs), Concerto is a complete distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) and virtual power plant (VPP) solution that works across all asset types, grid services and energy flexibility opportunities—for both demand and supply. Concerto can be used on its own, or enhance other distribution systems by supporting visibility, monitoring and control of DERs behind and in front of the meter.

Fast. Accurate. Scaleable.

Concerto provides the core DER data, optimization and control infrastructure, computational, networking and application services to support an expanding suite of integrated applications to deliver the real-time orchestration and control the market requires.

Concerto Engage

Get megawatts onboarded faster than ever. Our software and services help you enroll new users, activate assets and commission them within your virtual power plants — all while offering a seamless experience to your customers.

Concerto Optimize

Ensure every asset in your grid performs at its best. Control, optimize and automate unlimited DERs with a full DERMS solution and leverage them at every level of your power delivery system.

Concerto Analyze

Your data, your way. Visualize trends, set customized automated alerts and consider metrics at scale with data that can be gathered from—and shared with—anyone, anywhere.

Unlock the Power of the Grid.

Together, we can bring more sustainable energy to more people.