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Bring more resiliency and better energy management to your members and your community.

Smarter solutions. Happier members.

Join Generac’s Energy Alliance Program
Receive exclusive access to Generac hardware and premium customer support.
Connect to Generac Hardware
Call upon distributed energy resources (DERs) with our Grid Services API.
Control and Optimize Devices with Concerto
Generate value through programs that keep your community in mind.

Enroll as a Dealer – through the Energy Alliance Program.

Join Generac’s Energy Alliance Program to bring reliable energy solutions to your members.

  • Promote Generac across your residential, commercial and industrial members
  • Access premium customer support
  • Purchase equipment directly from Generac, at preferred pricing
  • Engage the Generac dealer network for warranties and Service Agreements
  • Identify value-added services for your members

Leverage our Grid Services API.

View your Generac asset install base with Power Insights, then configure your current load management platform to dispatch devices. Our Grid Services API serves as a single interface supporting Generac hardware, enabling you to run grid services programs by:

  • Enroll eligible customers at point-of-sale
  • Recruit existing Generac hardware
  • Access on-demand group-level data
  • Group Generac assets for control

Build Better Programs with Concerto™.

Manage peak shaving
Intelligently adjust consumption to level out demand.
Avoid demand charges
Call upon distributed energy resources (DERs) to keep your utility’s costs steady.
Increase member satisfaction
Deliver programs with your community in mind.

Distribution Co-op Solutions

By connecting residential, commercial and industrial Generac and partner devices into your Concerto virtual power plant (VPP), you’ll create a more reliable grid and more resiliency for your members. We offer programs for commercial facilities, home standby generators, smart thermostats, water heaters and inverter-based resources.

Generation & Transmission Co-op Solutions

License Concerto to optimize grid supply and demand while giving your distribution co-ops the ability to mitigate technical losses by managing voltage and reactive power. You’ll be able to improve overall spend and increase system reliability across the distribution network.

Unlock the Power of the Grid.

Together, we can bring more sustainable energy to more people.