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Generac Grid Services' Cloud Solution

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Generac Grid Services leverages the AWS cloud to provide our
 customers with seamless, secure and scalable deployment of our 
Concerto platform. By leveraging the AWS cloud, we offer 
our solution at reduced hosting and network costs. The cloud-based
 solution enables us to reduce vendor support costs for our client and to 
provide them with resolutions to platform and customer challenges at
 enhanced speed. Software instances are easily updated and deliver
 unrivaled platform security, auditable by our utility customers, and
 scalability as DERs grow to millions on the grid.

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Cybersecurity Best Practices

Security is paramount to protecting the grid from
 cyber attacks and is a “table stakes” requirement 
for utility enterprise systems and critical IT/OT
infrastructure. Leveraging built-in AWS 
networking services and security features, such as firewalls, VPN, SSO, and authentication and
 authorization standards, enables a platform like
 Concerto to seamlessly integrate with our utility
 customer enterprise IT cybersecurity systems,
 processes and controls.

Auto-scaling and Redundancy

Real-time performance and 3-nines (or more)
 reliability for virtual power plants in 24/7/365 
energy market operations is demanding. AWS supports auto-scaling of cloud
 infrastructure as compute requirements and data 
volumes peak, ebbs and flows is essential.
 Being able to rely on and leverage the inherent
 scalability and redundancy of the AWS cloud 
allows Generac Grid Services to focus on
maximizing performance and capability of the 
Concerto platform for round-the-clock 
global operation.

Experience the Difference

Generac Grid Services’ Concerto is designed to meet customers’ needs today and evolve with them as their grid becomes more complex to orchestrate.

Powered by AWS, the platform is a single pane of glass solution to serve everything from scheduled, all-call demand response functionality to real-time, geographically targeted control.

Speed – Concerto provides closed-loop DER control with a 2-second response time

Scale – Concerto is designed and tested to operate fleets consisting of 100,000+ assets, staying ahead of leading market requirements

Accuracy – Concerto achieves results to more than 99% accuracy with 99.9% uptime

Case Study

RWE is Leveraging Concerto™ on the AWS Cloud

German energy company RWE, with a clear target to be carbon neutral by 2040 and has an increasing number of DERs in its energy portfolio. The company is leveraging Concerto to implement a VPP solution to aggregate, operate, and optimize its DER assets in highly scaled portfolios by using advanced IT and metering infrastructure. RWE runs Concerto on dedicated instances on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud.