GGS and SGS collaborate for most comprehensive DERMS offering more


Operate the most efficient, reliable and resilient grid yet. Our distributed energy resource (DER) orchestration software, Concerto™ takes DER management to the distribution side of the grid.


Optimize the distribution grid.


Embrace a new level of grid control.

Boost efficiency.
Manage peak demand, minimize technical losses and increase hosting capacity, all while cutting costs.
Enhance reliability.
People count on you. Bring more DERs online to reduce costly upgrades, enhance visibility and support system switching and planned maintenance.
Improve resiliency.
With prepositioned DERs, you’ll be ready for anything mother nature throws at you.
Manage within constraints.
Mitigate the challenges caused when large numbers of renewables come online or when DERs are unavailable for grid services.

Location, location, location.

Because Concerto knows exactly where each asset is located, it can precisely target which devices to control to mitigate the challenges caused when high numbers of renewables come online or during local grid constraints and outages. This location-driven focus allows the DERMS to exercise a high degree of control over both real power (watts) and reactive power (VARs), which increases hosting capacity and renewable penetration.

Integrate more renewable and distributed resources.

Grow a sustainable portfolio that creates value for your customers, stabilizes the grid and enhances shareholder value.

Tap into our network of connected assets.

Connect to a wide install base of Generac devices, as well as from our extensive partner hardware ecosystem.

Optimize distribution for the grid of today—and tomorrow.

Locational and global optimization
Optimize systems from the local to the global level.
Power and volt/VAR control
Control for both power and voltage system attributes.
Response speed
Instantaneously respond to system conditions.
Integrate with utility back office systems for distribution controls.

Simplify through a single pane of glass.

Integrate with your existing back-end utility systems, including geographic information system (GIS), advanced distribution management system (ADMS), meter data management system (MDMS) and more so that you have full control from just one view. From system configuration to real-time operation to reporting and analytics, you’ll have access to everything you need, all in one place.

Case study: The AGL Energy Virtual Power Plant Story

Read about the way network service reforms can unlock Australia’s Full VPP potential, and how this groundbreaking initiative has helped to make Australia a focal point of innovation when it comes to scaling value from distributed energy resources.

Unlock the Power of the Grid.

Together, we can bring more sustainable energy to more people.