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ARA Load Control Devices

Harness end use loads to improve grid stability while creating value for residential and multifamily users. Generac’s ARA Load Control Switch and ARA CTA-2045 module enable loads to participate in demand response and other curtailment solutions. Our ARA products are used by multiple industry partners and are a proven, low-cost way to turn residential loads into distributed energy resources (DERs).

ARA Load Control Switch

The ARA Load Control Switch is a direct load control switch for single load applications. Leverage LTE cellular to improve fleet connectivity and reduce downtime. The device reports availability status, increasing forecasting accuracy and supporting reduced outage durations. Cold water detection ensures customer comfort in water heater-based load management applications.

ARA CTA-2045 Universal Communicating Module

The ARA CTA-2045 universal communication module (UCM) is compatible with the CTA-2045 standard, enabling it for use with any original equipment manufacturer’s product that includes a corresponding UCM port. LTE cellular technology enables cloud connectivity, all within a compact and durable enclosure. The ARA CTA-2045 module enables utility end customers to make their compatible devices smart grid ready without plumbing or electrical modification.

Water Heater Solutions

ARA-enabled water heaters support grid operators in achieving cost reductions, while also offering utility customers incentives for the passive provision of grid services. Efficient tank-based electric water heaters can hold high temperatures for extended periods of time, making them a reliable tool to control energy demand without negatively influencing your customers’ comfort.

Smart Grid Ready

  • Manage demand, a variety of ways
  • Low-cost, non-invasive solutions
  • Maximize customer comfort
  • Engage non-traditional customers
  • Support customer choice