Iberdrola Now Using Generac Grid Services’ Concerto™ to Support Grid Stability more

Wilson Tanuwidjaja

Senior Systems Engineer

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Wilson is a project manager specializing in technical troubleshooting and solutioning. Working at Generac Grid Services is Wilson’s first foray into distributed energy resources; the more time he spends at the company, the more he gets enthused about the grid modernization possibilities of the industry.

Prior to joining Generac Grid Services, Wilson garnered over a decade of experience in consulting on biomedical device product development. His work trained him in the development cycles of complex devices, including embryo incubators, PCR machines and slide processing equipment. Wilson has a dual degree from the University of Melbourne in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science. When I’m not working, I like to go outside with my wife and kids, be it just a simple walk or exploring the area with our bicycles.